Welcome to my music website...

I very much hope that you can come and listen to a concert that I am giving in Edinburgh, in November?

Thursday 16th November 7pm
St Andrew & St Georges West, 13 George Street, Edinburgh.

I will be playing a new 6 part piano piece, 'The Journey', which will have a Narrator telling the story of a young woman's path to a successful life.

I will then be joined by my good friend, Nick Gould, who will play saxophone on 2 LEONHART tracks, The Calm before the Storm + The Ballad of You and I.

My wife Claire and her fellow vocalist , Sarah Barron will then sing to 'Halloween' the first track on the CD followed by a new piece, 'Hymn'. I would hope to end the concert by playing 'The Dream' , the title track from a previous album.

The concert will last approximately one hour, Tickets are £15, payable at the Door.

Send me, or Claire HG and email or text, book your ticket and your names will be on a list at the Door of the Venue. See you there !!


Leonard Harper Gow
LEONHEART | The Conflict Within